What Not To Say or Do


Yesterday morning I was scrolling on Facebook and I came across a story about a young boy who designed and built a bike he could ride with his cousin who has spina bifida and uses a wheelchair. The headline said, “This 11-year-old boy designed a bike so his cousin who suffers from spina bifida could go on bike rides with him.” Ok, attention media outlets, just because someone has a disability does not mean they are”suffering” or “afflicted with” anything! Stop portraying us as poor, little helpless victims who can’t do anything or lead meaningful productive lives. The only thing I am suffering from is the able-bodied population’s inability to see us as people who are capable of doing things and living wonderful lives. So, think before you speak, think before you act. If you are not sure what to do or say for a disabled person, treat us as you would anyone else and ask before you assume we need or want help.

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