See Me

Hi dear friends! Sorry, it’s been a while since you have heard from me. October has already been a busy month for me. This past Saturday, the 5th my CrossFit box helped me put on a fundraising/awareness event for Spina Bifida Awareness Month. We got wheelchairs and did several exercises that I do to give people awareness of what it is like for me. It was a great time and I have received so much positive feedback!

One thing I have heard over and over was people realizing how difficult it is for me to do simple things that they take for granted. This made me happy because I not only want people to be aware of this, I need it. I am a huge advocate for accessibility and the best way I can think of to get people to understand why changes are necessary, is to get them into my shoes and let them see what it’s like.

I hear from people in the disabled community that they want able-bodied people to see beyond the disability. I absolutely agree with that, my disability is just a part of it. However, I need you to see it as well. See how difficult it is to get through narrow doorways, see how I can’t get my chair in a bathroom or stall. See how difficult and humiliating it is for someone to have to drag my chair up stairs because there is no elevator or ramp. See how you inconvenience my life because you can’t be bothered to park legally and properly. Then ask yourself what can I do? How can I change? How can I speak up?

It’s not difficult to be compassionate and empathetic, it just takes a little time and thought. Have a great month and a safe and happy Halloween!

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