I Matter

Today I received a package, in it was an Apple Watch that I purchased for myself. I have been very excited to get one because I did my research and know that Apple took the time to work with adaptive athletes to get the calibration right so wheelchair users could have an accurate fitness tracker. This was very exciting to me. However, as I was setting it up a series of questions popped up. They wanted to know my gender, age, weight etc., but the last question really got me, “are you a wheelchair user”.

It gave me pause as I realized, this is a company that genuinely cares about everyone being able to use their products. They care that everyone is represented whether it be that someone in a wheelchair can use their fitness tracker or people of all abilities being represented in their emojis or having technology in their software that people with vision or hearing impairments can use.

I matter, I was made to not feel less than or that my needs don’t matter because of one simple question. Because of one company caring about everyone. What a different and wonderful world it would be if everyone cared.

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